Pokemon Go Search Commands

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality games around, with players travelling the real world to catch different Pokemon as they go. There are plenty of different search commands to help find particular Pokemon or filter out others that you don’t want. For example, you can use a number to find Pokemon with a certain IV, or a search command like “4attack” to give you the best Pokemon to fight.

You can also use the at sign to filter out Pokemon by their type, with the search term followed by a specific attack or move type (for instance, searching for @thunderbolt will show all Pokemon with that move). You can even search for moves boosted by the current weather. Just add a @ before the move type, such as @3ghost to show all Pokemon with that second charge attack. You can also search for Pokemon by their evolution stage, using a search term of evolve and then the Pokemon name. This will only show Pokemon that are eligible to evolve, as the game considers whether you have the special items or candy to do so.

Another way to filter out Pokemon is by their status, with a search term like defender or gyms or evolvenew allowing you to see all Pokemon that can be evolved to fill in a new Pokedex entry. You can even do multiple searches at once by adding a colon or semicolon, a comma or space, or an exclamation mark (!) to get results that match more than one parameter. For example, searching for cp300 will return all Pokemon with that CP stat, while searching for!defender will show all Pokemon not currently defending a Gym.

There are also some special search terms that work in Pokemon Go, such as costume or evolvemega, which display a list of Pokemon wearing costumes and those that can mega evolve. These are largely in addition to the regular Pokemon that can be found through the normal searches.

The main thing to remember is that a single search term will only return the first Pokemon it finds, so you might need to try some different combinations before finding what you’re looking for. However, this is a useful tool that can save time when trying to find specific Pokemon or filters out the ones you don’t need.

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