How to Create and Export Twitch VOD Videos

Twitch VOD Videos are video-on-demand recordings of live streams that can be viewed later. They are also known as Highlights, and can be saved for future viewing or edited to make them more streamlined and engaging. Utilizing the data available through VODs is essential for streamers looking to improve their content, foster growth, and build a stronger relationship with their audience.

VODs are created when a stream is recorded in the VOD Editor, and can be saved in one of several formats: MP4, WebM, or OGG. Each format has its own unique characteristics, and the most important is that it supports multi-language playback. Depending on the format, the file size will vary.

When you create a VOD, you can select whether to share it publicly or only with your followers. In addition, you can edit the title, description, and thumbnail image of the video. You can also make a VOD private or only accessible to your followers, and you can choose to record audio from the microphone or use an automatic audio track that includes only game sounds.

To download a VOD, you must be a subscriber to the channel that owns it. Once you have a subscription, click on the channel’s name in the menu bar and select “Video Manager”. Then navigate to the VOD you want to save. You’ll need an OAuth token to do this, which you can get by using a cookie management extension such as EditThisCookie on Chrome or Cookie Quick Manager on Firefox. Then, copy the value from the “auth-token” field in the VOD viewer.

Creating and exporting Twitch VODs is simple and convenient. You can upload VODs directly to YouTube, and you can even embed them on your website. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can download a third-party tool such as VLC for Mobile iPhone App to save Twitch videos.

VODs can help you engage with your viewers even when you’re not streaming, and they can also give you a platform to showcase your personality and skills. Streamers who are serious about growing their audience should consider recording and exporting VODs to ensure they stay on top of the competition.

If you’re a regular user, Twitch only saves your broadcasts for 14 days. However, if you’re a Partner, Turbo, or Prime user, your broadcasts will be kept on the site for 60 days. This gives you plenty of time to edit your VODs, highlight them, or re-upload them to other sites such as YouTube. In addition, if you’re a partnered streamer, your VODs will remain on the site for the duration of the partnership.