GTK Marine Power Solutions

GTK Marine Power offers an array of solutions to help your fleet save on fuel costs, reduce emissions and become more energy efficient. These solutions include the patented Aquarius MAS + Solar, the EnergySail(r) system and the patented Aquarius MRE(r) technology.

Battery Storage Systems for Ships & Offshore Applications

Eco Marine Power works in partnership with the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan to supply a wide range of high quality VRLA and hybrid batteries. These high-performance, long life batteries are available in different configurations and can be supplied either as part of a total integrated marine renewable energy solution or as stand-alone battery packs.

Optical Bonded Displays for Improved Performance

For improved performance in harsh environments and outdoor applications, GTK offers TFT displays with optical bonding. This process involves adhering a film or liquid adhesive to the display surface which enhances the contrast ratio and overall performance of the screen.

X Window Display System Replacement with Wayland

The next GNOME release will drop support for the older X window system, which is an excellent step in the right direction to a modern, standardized display platform. The Wayland based display system, on the other hand, offers several advantages over X including better display resolution, faster processing and increased memory capacity.

Information Management System

The IMS is the central data management system for GTK Marine Power and its subsidiaries. It collects, processes and distributes relevant information in the most effective way possible, enabling all users to gain access to critical and relevant information at their fingertips.

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a collaboration platform for GTK Mintec’s project team and customers. The system allows both parties to share preliminary knowledge about a specific phase in the project, such as grinding tests or MLA test results. This knowledge helps the team to provide the most relevant forms of information to the customer.

Pilot Plants & Labs

The main focus of the pilot plant program at GTK Mintec is to develop and demonstrate advanced processes for mineral and ore processing. The pilot plant, which is located at the same site as the characterization laboratories, comprises a fully customizable and operational 24/7 grinding and flotation pilot plant.

This machine is the first in Europe to utilize online XRF analysis of the grinding media, which will allow real-time process monitoring and control, as well as frequent assays for the latest results. This tool is particularly useful during pilot plant operations when the process slurry is constantly changing in volume and concentration.