GelPax is the undisputed leader in the pack

When it comes to ice packs, GelPax is the undisputed leader in the pack. Their products are made from the highest quality materials and are shipped straight from their state of the art manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The manufacturer aims to improve the patient’s experience by offering a number of innovative custom ice packs. They also offer the perks of being a major brand in the medical industry, including a 30-day money back guarantee and free delivery.

Keeping the customer happy is a top priority for the Canadian manufacturer. As a result, they are always one step ahead of the competition. One of the company’s more nifty innovations is their SmartMotionTM technology which enables the gel pack to be activated with a simple wave of the hand, thus eliminating the need to plug it into the wall. Another noteworthy feature of their products is their ability to stay cool for a long time. ThisĀ is due to the high-strength nylon-poly film used in the production of their cold packs.

While they are known for their cold packs, GelPax is not content to stop there. Their high-tech manufacturing capabilities allow them to offer the most advanced custom ice packs on the market, albeit at a premium price. These packs are not only capable of keeping patients cool, but can also be personalized with logos and other designs. It’s no wonder the product line has earned them a glowing review from customers.

To ensure customer satisfaction, GelPax is backed by a nifty little feature – a secure payment system which makes the whole process easy and fast. In addition, their products are made to the same high standards as their competitors. They are designed to last as long as you need them to and can be used for a number of different applications, from pain relief to promoting a business to improving the quality of life.

As far as the product line is concerned, their ice packs are the best, and the company has a number of other interesting product offerings. For instance, they have an ice-tasting drink that is sure to help patients get through a long day. Alternatively, their custom ice packs can be used for a wide variety of other applications. Lastly, they can be branded to fit a variety of needs, from a dentist’s office to a medspa. If your office is looking to provide patients with more than a few icy treats, then consider using these products as a part of your office’s wellness program.